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Разработчик: Insomniac Games
Издатель: Sony Computer Entertainment
Продажи: 2,150,000
Платформы: ps4
Жанры: arcade platform
Даты выхода
США 12 апреля 2016
Европа 20 апреля 2016
Япония 30 апреля 2016
Наш Обзор
Гида пока нет

Об игре
Яркая игра в жанре шутер с элементами платформера и приключения должна стать одной из самых красивых игр 2016 года, ведь Insomniac Games использует последние технологические наработки во время создания этого полноценного ремейка самой первой части PS2-франшизы. В результате игра смотрится просто великолепно и, судя по некоторым видеозаписям, предложит обновленный сюжет и игровые ситуации.

The Hero of Heroes
The Hero of Heroes
Collect every trophy in Ratchet & Clank
The End Of The Beginning
The End Of The Beginning
Defeat Dr. Nefarious on the Deplanetizer.
Super Trader
Super Trader
Complete every holocard set.
Complete the game in Challenge Mode.
Ultimate Explorer
Ultimate Explorer
Collect every gold bolt.
Full Gun Rack
Full Gun Rack
Acquire every weapon in the game.
Master of War
Master of War
Upgrade every weapon to maximum level.
These Go To Eleven
These Go To Eleven
Unlock every modificiation for every weapon.
Mr. Fancypants
Mr. Fancypants
Upgrade Ratchet's health to maximum level.
Tech Head
Tech Head
Acquire every gadget.
Abby Normal
Abby Normal
Collect every Telepathopus brain.
Go Speed Ratchet, Go!
Go Speed Ratchet, Go!
Win the Gold Cup on both Rilgar and Kalebo.
Complete every Trespasser puzzle without using AutoHack.
Maximizing Potential
Maximizing Potential
Upgrade one weapon to maximum level.
Basically Training
Basically Training
Complete the Ranger tryouts on Veldin.
The Little Robot That Could
The Little Robot That Could
Escape from Victor on Quartu.
The Rescuer
The Rescuer
Rescue the Mayor and Plumber on Novalis.
Off To The Races
Off To The Races
Rescue Skidd and his agent on Aridia.
You're In The Rangers Now
You're In The Rangers Now
Become a Ranger on Kerwan.
Winner Winner Sandshark Dinner
Winner Winner Sandshark Dinner
Win the hoverboard Bronze Cup on Rilgar.
Who's A Good Snagglebeast?
Who's A Good Snagglebeast?
Defeat the Snagglebeast on Nebula G34.
Collect 30 brains for the Blarg Scientist on Gaspar.
I Shot Down Your Battleship
I Shot Down Your Battleship
Shoot down the Blarg Battleships on Batalia.
Zurkon Family Values
Zurkon Family Values
Defeat Mrs. Zurkon on Quartu.
Shoot down the hydroharvesters on Pokitaru.
Ferocious Oxide
Ferocious Oxide
Defeat Victor in the Phoenix.
Win the hoverboard Bronze Cup on Kalebo.
A Change Of Heart
A Change Of Heart
Defeat Captain Qwark on the Deplanetizer.
Faster than a Speeding Amoeboid
Faster than a Speeding Amoeboid
Complete the hoverboard Gold Cup on Rilgar in under 1:35
Kalebo Thunder
Kalebo Thunder
Complete the hoverboard Gold Cup on Kalebo in under 2:05
Kerwan Gladiator
Kerwan Gladiator
Complete the Fitness Course on Kerwan in under 70 seconds.
Clank Crusher
Clank Crusher
Crush 5 gadgebots in the crusher on Quartu.
That Sinking Feeling
That Sinking Feeling
Knock a constructobot into the quicksand on Aridia.
I Hate Lamp
I Hate Lamp
Break every lamp in Aleero City.
Not My Job
Not My Job
Allow the extermibots to kill 35 amoeboids in Rilgar.
Top Gunner
Top Gunner
Defeat 40 enemies while jetpacking in Gaspar.
When Sheep Fly
When Sheep Fly
Sheepinate a Blarg Helicopter Commander.
Warbots Into Plowshares
Warbots Into Plowshares
Destroy 10 inactive Warbots inside the Quartu factory.
Pool Sharks Are The Worst
Pool Sharks Are The Worst
Get eaten by a Pool Shark in the Pokitaru Ocean.
Character Assassination
Character Assassination
Destroy all of the planet models in Drek's office.
Et tu, Copernicus?
Et tu, Copernicus?
Find Qwark's Lounge on the Deplanitizer.
Lazy Lombax
Lazy Lombax
Ride every catwalk without moving in Kalebo.
Death By Disco
Death By Disco
Use the Groovitron on every type of enemy.
Trader In Training
Trader In Training
Complete your first holocard set.
Complete your first Raritanium weapon mod.
Reach the maximum bolt multiplier in Challenge Mode.
Trade Up
Trade Up
Trade in a set of duplicate holocards for a new one.
ps4 Marrona42 47/47
ps4 hlaleksey 47/47
ps4 infOM 47/47
ps4 Ember_UK 47/47
ps4 Azzkyoma 47/47
ps4 megaman05 47/47
ps4 Kassaden 47/47
ps4 Makawelly 47/47
ps4 eFEDRin 47/47
ps4 Jubakka 47/47
ps4 ZerGint 47/47
ps4 laziofan 47/47
ps4 NekiiMolla 47/47
ps4 THX1420 47/47
ps4 Niko_dim 47/47
ps4 Vector02 47/47
ps4 serch2k 47/47
ps4 Snake_333 47/47
ps4 Vitek3x 47/47
ps4 AkaGami 47/47
ps4 ACE 47/47
ps4 BonJovy 47/47
ps4 Bigby 47/47
ps4 R1gadon 47/47
ps4 Rawshocker 47/47
ps4 gear_ru 47/47
ps4 1Prison 47/47
ps4 Tarnumius 47/47
ps4 lodevic 47/47
ps4 Folo 47/47
ps4 Stepan1 47/47
ps4 Daxter 47/47
ps4 4Bone 47/47
ps4 vlasik1311 47/47
ps4 Roadriguez 47/47
ps4 vitushinsk 47/47
ps4 Ancient354 47/47
ps4 DILSHOD 47/47
ps4 asche 47/47
ps4 BadBoy_ekb 47/47
ps4 Deshi 47/47
ps4 ivanx666 47/47
ps4 Lordi 47/47
ps4 horizon451 47/47
ps4 shua03 47/47
ps4 Metalik 47/47
ps4 Nicktim 47/47
ps4 MagogOFF 47/47
ps4 Jee 47/47
ps4 animatic 47/47
ps4 RIDDICK_2 47/47
ps4 ryno0606 47/47
ps4 Nexikus 47/47
ps4 D_D 47/47
ps4 Rimus91 47/47
ps4 SnakeVDA 47/47
ps4 LUK99 47/47
ps4 t-IX 47/47
ps4 Akiba 47/47
ps4 Catstet 47/47
ps4 stig09 47/47
ps4 Tepesh 47/47
ps4 T_Studio 47/47
ps4 Stobard 47/47
ps4 archer-kun 47/47
ps4 Kaiki 47/47
ps4 fukknerv 47/47
ps4 horofil 45/47
ps4 MotoRRR 44/47
ps4 PolaC1 42/47
ps4 Ninjitsu 41/47
ps4 Ignis 39/47
ps4 Andrew_Is 39/47
ps4 Dcrow 38/47
ps4 b11zzard 38/47
ps4 FATEdogg 37/47
ps4 Brontozyvr 37/47
ps4 Stasyanych 37/47
ps4 Max Fry 37/47
ps4 NotaKuroi 36/47
ps4 Footzker 35/47
ps4 AdwardsFox 35/47
ps4 _cj3z_ 35/47
ps4 Beren 34/47
ps4 Shex 34/47
ps4 HardLine 33/47
ps4 shirowik 33/47
ps4 OtMoRoZkO 32/47
ps4 SoulMan 32/47
ps4 sahashi 32/47
ps4 Ellias 31/47
ps4 kamlegen 31/47
ps4 ligfip 31/47
ps4 Dreamfalll 30/47
ps4 Zigi 30/47
ps4 Pelmeshker 30/47
ps4 gyddini 30/47
ps4 SimpleMan 29/47
ps4 SnakeEater 29/47
ps4 den1n 29/47
ps4 le-on 29/47
ps4 CityGhost 29/47
ps4 Ligas-X 28/47
ps4 ult 28/47
ps4 Vadimeys 28/47
ps4 ThenForSo 27/47
ps4 DreamEaglr 27/47
ps4 RUS34 27/47
ps4 KABARGA 26/47
ps4 Tugamuga 26/47
ps4 iLisiy 26/47
ps4 tibidohtel 26/47
ps4 Agentluff 26/47
ps4 EbyBeach 26/47
ps4 r_chost 26/47
ps4 Joypit13 26/47
ps4 Gonzzo 26/47
ps4 No0biTo_32 25/47
ps4 keldenis 25/47
ps4 TilkSiper 25/47
ps4 Snell 25/47
ps4 dshesh1144 25/47
ps4 KrayZ 25/47
ps4 Gauz 25/47
ps4 Zod4ii 24/47
ps4 Orzov 24/47
ps4 Shepard 24/47
ps4 aleks3385 24/47
ps4 danilnv 24/47
ps4 CryyDevil 24/47
ps4 musicant 24/47
ps4 DoctorNet 24/47
ps4 Tetera 23/47
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ps4 J0lers 23/47
ps4 Cheegr 23/47
ps4 DiKEY 23/47
ps4 Knigochey 23/47
ps4 XPEH 23/47
ps4 Pilliwinx 23/47
ps4 ScorpSnake 23/47
ps4 G700 23/47
ps4 bobahxxxl 23/47
ps4 SPECTR_SX 23/47
ps4 Mim 22/47
ps4 Ozu_sensei 22/47
ps4 ASarafanov 22/47
ps4 heavy_rain 22/47
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ps4 KEHT 21/47
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ps4 Tunc 21/47
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ps4 Atomikaz 21/47
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ps4 AlexFomi 20/47
ps4 JDavydko 20/47
ps4 sesatorit 20/47
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ps4 Snooz 20/47
ps4 Ivzonn 19/47
ps4 Psichos 19/47
ps4 BacuJluu 19/47
ps4 Daoman 19/47
ps4 xtr 19/47
ps4 LinkOFF 18/47
ps4 chris_kain 18/47
ps4 alex_xbox 18/47
ps4 Oleg 18/47
ps4 cryonics 18/47
ps4 MWorld II 17/47
ps4 jcritch 17/47
ps4 Svie 15/47
ps4 Levuy 15/47
ps4 4yk4a 15/47
ps4 Didz 15/47
ps4 Grayson 14/47
ps4 BEORING 14/47
ps4 RikosN8 14/47
ps4 chegan 14/47
ps4 DanteXXI 13/47
ps4 gg.Rud0Lf 13/47
ps4 IQman30 13/47
ps4 angelnur 12/47
ps4 ronin99981 12/47
ps4 Bristolq 12/47
ps4 WAKAFAKA 12/47
ps4 Re-Ally 11/47
ps4 TheVS 11/47
ps4 Vulture 11/47
ps4 oleg_ash 11/47
ps4 dalmatin 11/47
ps4 Den_182 10/47
ps4 OldGamer 10/47
ps4 Jenea 10/47
ps4 svich 10/47
ps4 grace13ss 9/47
ps4 Gaba 9/47
ps4 youtoome 9/47
ps4 xBIO_MANx 8/47
ps4 x00374 8/47
ps4 Markel 8/47
ps4 Blink55 7/47
ps4 GhostHost 7/47
ps4 MadWulff 7/47
ps4 Hetzer 6/47
ps4 Kyuubi 6/47
ps4 kirja 5/47
ps4 nikote16 5/47
ps4 sqar 5/47
ps4 SpykeSIK 5/47
ps4 kamui 4/47
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ps4 Kubqe 3/47
ps4 rustamc24 3/47
ps4 Lexa 3/47
ps4 Nikitosx 3/47
ps4 toxacomua 3/47
ps4 Compass 3/47
ps4 lvsanchez 2/47
ps4 Kart 2/47
ps4 Pavel_Lu 2/47
ps4 unkucher 2/47
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ps4 Otakon273 2/47
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ps4 MetRONom 2/47
ps4 Wattie 2/47
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ps4 Thorus 2/47
ps4 SPOKK__ 2/47
ps4 iVladYKT 2/47
ps4 Gangsta 2/47
ps4 Zhmur91 2/47
ps4 tolmakoff 1/47
ps4 KOZIK 1/47
ps4 razgulnov 1/47
ps4 Biker 1/47
ps4 Kopchony 1/47
ps4 stanis6 1/47
ps4 ruscry 1/47
ps4 VindeN 1/47
ps4 !nVeRT 1/47
ps4 IRONHIDE 0/47
ps4 AdamWest 0/47
ps4 UnreaL 0/47
ps4 XeHgeXoX 0/47
ps4 D3Tuz 0/47
ps4 WeROOTH 0/47
ps4 FunkyHP 0/47
ps4 MadWulff 3 дня назад
ps4 Kubqe 3 дня назад
ps4 Beren 5 дней назад
ps4 MetRONom 5 дней назад
ps4 IRONHIDE 5 дней назад
ps4 stanis6 6 дней назад
ps4 FunkyHP 6 дней назад
ps4 Inquisitor_Alex 6 дней назад
ps4 hello_insomnia 7 дней назад
ps4 Malevolent 7 дней назад
ps4 Nikitosx 8 дней назад
ps4 xBIO_MANx 8 дней назад
ps4 SergiyTimoshenk 9 дней назад
ps4 SPOKK__ 10 дней назад
ps4 muctep_fux 10 дней назад
ps4 tolmakoff 10 дней назад
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