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И всё-таки Lite-On взломали

И всё-таки Lite-On взломали

TEAM JUNGLE Presents IXtreme 1.5 firmware

World first IXtreme fw for the unhackable Liteon drive! Also for Benq and Samsung drives!

This has been a huge effort by everyone in Team Jungle comprising of the best talent in the world. It has been a privilege to work in the team which has enabled us to get to this point. Truly a worldwide effort and the greatest hack that i have been involved in! The road has been a long one: - getting the key serial output - decapping the 1319L chip - reading the embedded flash, very difficult! - decrypting fw - creating iXtreme - creating Jungleflasher GUI+tools

Greatest teamwork eva!


Скачать прошивку уже можно на многих игро-трекерах мира. Грядёт волна снижения цен на прошитые консоли!


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Автор: flexxus
Опубликовано:23.12.2008 14:24